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Ohio State Coach Calls Parents to Tell Them Son Will Be Starting RB, Parents Freak Out

Not everything about sports is terrible. Sometimes it's good for a smile.
September 1, 2016, 11:10pm

The parents of starting running back @mikeweberjr got a pretty great phone call today
— Ohio State Football (@OhioStateFB) August 31, 2016

College football comes back Thursday night. Let's talk about this in the least cynical way possible. Forget all of the warts of college football (we're going to try to make this a one-time only thing, so don't worry) and remember for a second that, beyond all, it's still 18-23 year old teenagers and young adults living their dreams and their parents' dreams and their parents living their dreams through their sons. It's OK to smile for a second.


Watch this video of an Ohio State coach calling the parents of Mike Weber to tell them their son is the new starting running back for the Buckeyes. That's huge. Listen to the way Weber's dad reacts and his mom shrieks in joy.

Weber is a redshirt freshman. He didn't play last year. Never had a single college carry. But he's starting now.

"A lot of times, parents get calls on negative stuff," Tony Alford, the running backs coach on the phone, said. "This is a different one. This is a call on something that's great."

"That's the best," Alford says when he gets off the call. "Isn't it?"

Yeah, sometimes it's OK just to enjoy these things.