Stephen Jackson Gives Salty Bathtime Analysis of NBA Finals Game 1

Jackson had some opinions to share about his former team, the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He didn't have any candles.
June 3, 2016, 6:17pm

Some people get their best ideas in the shower. For others, maybe it's bath time, with a sprinkling of bath salts.

We're just talking Epsom—not that Meow Meow or Vanilla Sky—but last night one-time Warrior Stephen Jackson took his NBA Finals post-game analysis to the tub. And, to be honest, he sounds high as a Georgia pine.

First, he calls out the Cleveland Cavaliers for not defending Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa. Fair enough. Barbosa has been slipping the few minutes he's played during the Warriors' postseason, and the Cavs shouldn't have let him have so many looks. But calling him "the other little sorry dude"? Come on. Nothing sorry about going 100 percent from the field.

And when Jackson comes in to clown Iguodala? I mean, let's give last year's Finals MVP some credit. Sure, his offensive game wasn't as tight as his defensive play—which involved a series of aggressive strips on the likes of LeBron James—but he came up with 12 points at 56 percent from the field. That's more than respectable coming off the bench. Even if Jackson's point was that Iguodala shouldn't have been allowed to score that much, the guy had just been assaulted in the testicles. Give him a break.

Jackson does make some valid points about the Cavs' defense being in tatters, and he gives props to Shaun Livingston, who had an insane night from his typical mid-range comfort zone. But let's keep in mind this whole bath-tub rant is coming from the guy who said that his 2007 Warriors (who, yes, upset the No. 1 seed Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs but later foundered against weaker teams) would have trounced the 73-9 Warriors of 2016, and that his team would have "put [Curry] on the floor." Unh-huh.

Maybe Jackson should keep his salty bath-time analysis to himself, or at least add some candles next time.