This story is over 5 years old.


ESPN Had Kirk Herbstreit's Kid on the 'GameDay' Set and he Was Picking Games Against the Spread

Kirk Herbstreit's son Chase was on College GameDay and he was making picks against the spread.

This was a pretty weird segment to close the morning on ESPN's College GameDay. Among the guests on the panel for the final picks segment were country music singer Brad Paisley and Kirk Herbstreit's son Chase. It was kind of cute, but also a little strange to see a kid on set as they indulged degenerate gamblers across the country, not to mention passing along news about Rutgers players getting kicked off the team for a series of violent crimes.

Young Herbie didn't start off making picks, though, and he was visibly (and vocally) disappointed that new host Rece Davis skipped over him after his dad's first couple of picks. But little man eventually got in on the act, picking BYU to win by 10 points, Arizona State to win by 10 points, Notre Dame to win by two touchdowns, and finally picked Louisville over Auburn.

And now we wait to see just how much this kid knows.