Police Baffled After Gunshots Hit Bus Full of Tourists in the South of France

Six people were injured when two gunshots shattered the front and rear windows of a bus carrying 75 tourists along the A7 highway in southwest France.
June 5, 2016, 1:55pm
Photo by Patrick Seeger/EPA

A bus full of tourists — including children on a school trip — was hit by gunfire on Friday night in France, leaving six people injured and puzzling police.

The shooting occurred along the A7 highway near the department of Drôme in southwest France. Two bullets struck a bus carrying 75 tourists from the Czech Republic on the way home from a trip to Spain.

Alex Perrin, prosecutor for Valence, the capital of Drôme, said the shots hit the front and rear windows of the bus, shattering both. Initial investigations indicated the shots were fired from a hunting rifle, according to Reuters.

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"Five people suffered light injuries, while the sixth was more serious," Perrin told BFM TV.

The prosecutor offered no possible motive for the shooting.

"One could think that this bus… was no more a target than any other," Perrin said, according to the Associated Press.

No arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

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