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Jlin Shares a Haunting New Music Video for “Carbon 7”

It's off her newly released sophomore album, 'Black Origami.'

Indiana-hailing footwork producer Jlin today shares the music video for her track, "Carbon 7," off her newly released sophomore album Black Origami on Planet Mu. Directed by Berlin-based filmmaker Joji Koyama (who has also made music videos for Four Tet, Mogwai, and Coldcut), the video stars ballet dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert as he contorts and glides his way through a dim-lit warehouse space. Scott-Gilbert's broken, almost possessed movements provide a fitting visual for Jlin's dark, percussive rhythms.


Speaking to THUMP over email, Koyama describes the project as being largely a collaborative effort, "In the beginning Corey and I had a lot of back and forth with ideas but when we finally met we worked very intuitively and it all came together very quickly. Jlin and Joe Shakespeare had talked to us about how water-like the music is, so Corey and I came up with trying to get him to dance in a way that was always in a process of becoming something, only to fall apart, a bit like a creature that doesn't know what it's supposed to be. So much depended on Felix Knabel, our producer, who was able to miraculously make it all happen and put together a small but wonderful crew of people."

Watch the video for "Carbon 7" above. Jlin's Black Origami is out now.

From the album 'Jlin - Black Origami'

Directed by Joji Koyama
Choreographed by Corey Scott-Gilbert

Director Of Photography: Cezary Zacharewicz
Editing: Matthias Graatz and Joji Koyama
Stylist: Larisa Bechtold
1st Assistant Camera: Michael Schmidt
Producer: Felix Knabel
Creative Director: Joe Shakespeare
Production Assistant: Felix von Stumm
Runner/Driver: Peter Schuster
Colourist: Jack McGinity at Time Based Arts
Produced by ANORAK Film

Special thanks to:
KAOS Berlin, FGV Schmidle Berlin, Gabriella Ferrante, Lucía Méndez Falcon