Spike Fuck’s Video Explores The Trappings of Fame and Drug Induced Psychosis

Watch the Melbourne songwriter take her country twang from the farm to the city.
May 22, 2017, 3:20am

In an interview with NOISEY last year, Spike Fuck talked candidly about her difficult teenage years and the problems she faced at school. "I'd go home in tears punching the wall, screaming into pillows, getting smashed on UDLs on a Wednesday night and then throwing up before going to school," she told us. "Some really devastating, heartbreaking things happened in high school."

Thankfully the Melbourne songwriter has been able to redirect some of that torment into truly beautiful music and her new video "GREATEST HITS (Suicide Party)", continues to explore themes of isolation, loneliness and fear. Made by Spike and friends on a small budget, the video tells the story of a person leaving her country life behind only to find herself making it in the big city and the trappings that come with fame and fortune. Parts were also inspired by a true experience of watching someone suffering psychosis as a result of heavy psychedelic drug use.

From the pedal-steel guitar of Graham Lee from legendary Australian band the Triffids to Spike's lyrics that deal with the good times, the bad, and the unlucky, it stands up as a truly beautiful song.

If you or anyone you know is going through a hard time visit Suicide Prevention Australia and if you're in a crisis, visit Communities Matter to contact support/get help immediately.