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Dream Police Serve Revenge With a Cold and Eerie Synth Tone

Listen to a new track from the Brooklyn based band who feature members of The Men.
Photo: Taylor Sesselman

Nick Chiericozzi was driving around making deliveries when lyrical inspiration for Dream Police's new song "Revenge" hit. "I was bored at work making the same old deliveries, when the phrase, 'Nice Guy Maker' kept entering my head. I wrote it down and kept driving. Then the idea of a 'grand plan' conceived by a sinister antagonist seemed interesting," explains Chiericozzi via email. "I wrote that down and kept driving. Pretty soon, I was pulling over every two blocks, so I decided to stay put for 15 minutes and finished the lyrics and the melody."


He called bandmate Mark Perro and they recorded vocals later that night.

Perro and Chiericozz, who front Brooklyn rockers The Men, began Dream Police in 2010 as a reservoir for ideas which had overflowed from The Men's . Their 2014 debut album Hypnotised, released on Sacred Bones, was a record bursting with primitive psych and glimmering electronics.

Since Hypnotised they've added bassist Russ Hymowitz

Recorded by Perro in his bedroom, "Revenge" features Perro playing drum machine alongside Hymowitz's repetitive bass line, then later overdubbed a Wurlitzer piano and a sustaining synth. "The keys and the bass are so locked in and I love it's eerie tone", says Chiericozzi.

'Revenge' is available digitally from the band's Bandcamp page.