Iconic Strip Club Loses Permit, Mt. Agung Threat Lowers, and Polluters Get What They Deserve: The VICE Evening Bulletin

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Indonesia News

Mount Agung Threat Level Lowers, Prompting Thousands to Return Home
The Bali volcano rumbled to life last month and then… nothing. Mount Agung still hasn't blown its top, so disaster officials reduced the threat level to the second-highest warning. Thousands are now preparing to return to their villages near the volcano's slopes. —Reuters

Midnight Butcher Steals Farmer's Entire Flock of Goats, Leaves Only Organs Behind
A farmer woke up over the weekend to find that all 11 of his goats had vanished. Or, at least, most of them had. A brazen late-night thief broke into the goats pen and butchered them on the spot, making off their their hides and meat and leaving the animal's innards behind. —Jakarta Post


Police Punish Vegetable Sellers Tossing Garbage into a River
A couple of days ago, a video of two vegetable sellers in Temanggung, Central Java, throwing sacks of trash on the river went viral. The video went viral because they wouldn't listen when a member of Regional Representative Council (DPD) called out on their bad behavior. A couple of days later, a similar video came out. This time, the polluters were caught by police, who ordered them to clean up the river as a punishment. —Coconut

Anies-Sandi Keep Their Promise to Close Down Legendary Strip Club
Keeping to their one of their election campaign promises, Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan and deputy governor Sandiaga Uno didn't extend the permit of Alexis Hotel. This prostitution and strip club can no longer operate since the statement was released on Friday. The Hotel and Entertainment Association of Jakarta is scheduled to meet with Anies and Sandi to talk about the current state of similar businesses. —Kompas

International News

Hardline Islamic Cruise in Choppy Seas as Star Preachers Banned From Entering Singapore
When Singapore barred two Islamic preachers with a history of calling for the separation of Muslims and everyone else from holding a sermon in the city-state, the men thought they found the perfect loophole: an Islamic cruise. But the plan has already run aground after Singaporean officials banned the entry of the two foreign preachers—Ismail Menk and Haslin bin Baharim—over concerns that they will harm the diverse city-state's "social harmony."—Channel News Asia

Marawi Refugees Return After Months-Long Siege to Find Homes Looted
Marawi residents who had homes in the safe zone felt lucky to avoid the heavy shelling that left half the city in ruins. But many returned home to find another tragic scene—their homes had been looted in their absence.—Reuters


Viral Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Singer to Entertain Trump, Abe During Japan Visit
Piko Taro's viral hit Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) was HUGE. But was it HUGE enough for US President Donald Trump? We'll see. The Japanese internet celeb is scheduled to perform for the US reality television president during his visit with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe next week. —The Guardian

More Than 100,000 Show Up for Taiwan LGBTQ Pride Parade
Taiwan's LGBTQ community was out in full force over the weekend as a massive crowd showed up for Taipei pride parade. Taiwan moved closer to becoming the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage in May, but the final decision is still awaiting approval from local lawmakers. —Quartz

Everything Else

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