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'I Can't Breathe': Videos Show Protesters Across the US Outraged Over Police Killings

Activists planned a fifth day of nationwide protests Sunday following large demonstrations in New York, Seattle, Berkeley, Portland, Fort Lauderdale, and elsewhere.
Photo by John Minchillo/AP

Activists planned a fifth day of nationwide protests Sunday after New York's police commissioner said that an internal investigation into the chokehold killing of Eric Garner would take up to four months, Reuters reported.

The Sunday demonstrations follow a flood of marches nationwide — and globally — that have voiced continued outrage at the deaths of Garner and Michael Brown.

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About 400 protesters took the streets in Berkeley on Saturday, where police responded with tear gas that knocked some people to the ground, video footage shows.

Hundreds of people in Seattle held a "die-in," blocking the city's streets.

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Protesters were arrested in Seattle for assault after allegedly throwing rocks at police, and in Berkeley some people smashed windows and looted stores, Reuters reported.

In New York, protesters sprawled out on the floor of Grand Central station, and filled Times Square chanting and holding umbrellas in the pouring rain.

Portland demonstrators chanted and held signs, filling up a shopping mall.

And, in Fort Lauderdale, dozens of demonstrators sat in the middle of an intersection yelling "no justice, no peace."

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