Confirmed: Canadians Can Get Charged With Assault For Throwing Pizza

Damn, can someone please tell me what the statute of limitations are for pizza throwing?
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
July 10, 2017, 4:13pm

An 18-year-old Newfoundland man has been charged with assault after hucking a pizza slice at a person from a car.

According to VOCM, the incident took place in St. John's at 6:30 Sunday evening. Picture if you will a beautiful Newfoundland evening, a brisk wind blowing, the sun almost shining through the clouds, but then, the peacefulness of the evening is broken by the roar of a car engine. Now, the people in the car, they have themselves some ill-natured intentions—intentions that involve tomatoes, mozzarella, dough and, if you're a really bad person, pineapple. When the car pulls by it's target, BOOM, the baked combination of ingredients listed above—which we colloquially call pizza—take flight at a person out enjoying the evening.


But thankfully, the slice is not believed to have hit the person.

Police were called, reviewed the intended target's footage of the incident because all incidents at all times are filmed now, and charged an 18-year-old with assault.

Getting charged with assault for throwing pizza at people isn't just a wholly Canadian thing. That's right America, you're not safe from the doughy arm of the law on this one either. In Gastonia, a town in North Carolina, a couple were arrested and charged with simple assault after police showed up to their house and they were angrily whipping pizza rolls at each other.

In Canada, this isn't even the first time this year that turning of something that's better suited in your stomach into a projectile has led to charges. This details in this case are a little different, however. In this one, which took place in March in the magical land known as Edmonton, it was a Slurpee being thrown.

The thrower this time wielded a Slurpee and whipped it at a SUV from their truck. This in turn prompted the person in the SUV to pull out a rifle and wave it around—the duo in the SUV received 20 weapons charges for their stunt.

It is not believed that the Slurpee hucker is facing any charges.

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