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Daily Horoscopes: July 21, 2017

The Moon is in Cancer today.
Cathryn Virginia
illustrated by Cathryn Virginia

At 4:09 AM, the Moon enters Cancer—a sign the Moon loves to be in. Cancer is ruled by the Water element, and just as the tide comes and goes, our feelings can also be hard to pin down. While the Moon is in Cancer, let yourself be a little moody. Spend time with the people you love, and indulge in your favorite comfort foods. The Moon makes a dreamy connection to Neptune tonight at 2:34 AM—listen to the messages your inner voice whispers to you.


All times EST.


The Moon enters your sign this morning, Cancer! This is a powerful time to get in touch with your emotions and your needs. Make self-care a priority today. Go to your nearest body of water (or take a bath) and listen to your inner voice.


Be gentle with yourself today, Leo. Catch up on rest. You'll need it—it's almost Leo season, after all! A fresh start is coming your way very soon. Until then, spend time at the spa.


You're practical, Virgo: You're not a dreamer. But the Moon enters psychic Water sign Cancer this morning, so I want you to reflect on what your hopes and wishes are today, no matter how distant or unreal they may seem.


How do you want the world to remember you, Libra? What do you want your legacy to be? These are the big questions the Moon in Cancer is asking you today.


The Moon enters fellow Water sign Cancer today, encouraging you to branch out beyond your usual stomping grounds. It's time to see new places and hear new ideas. The vibe late this evening will be especially magical.


You're in a sensitive mood today, Sagittarius. This morning, the Moon enters Cancer, a sign that's well known for being nostalgic. Are you holding on to the past? It's time to let go.


The Moon enters Cancer this morning, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart. Ask yourself, dear goat: Is the give and take in your relationships fair?


Self-care isn't always easy for you, Aquarius, since sometimes you forget that you have a body. The Moon enters sensitive Water sign Cancer this morning, encouraging you to nurture yourself.


The Moon enters fellow Waters sign Cancer today, illuminating a highly creative sector of your chart. Make some art! The energy is fun and flirtatious today—enjoy!


The Moon enters sensitive Water sign Cancer this morning, which means you may feel more private and emotional than you usually do. Connect with family or enjoy your home today.


The Moon enters psychic Water sign Cancer this morning, activating the communication sector of your chart. Take care of yourself by getting something off your chest.


The Moon enters Water sign Cancer early this morning, encouraging you to reflect on issues around self-worth, value, and, on a more mundane level, your finances. Give yourself a gift today!

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