Nah, The Strokes Aren’t Recording a New Album With Rick Rubin After All

"A lot of unknowns and nothing worth speaking about at this time," Albert Hammond Jr. wrote on Twitter in response to quotes from his dad.
Raphael Dias / Getty

Last week, Ivor Novello-winning songwriter and seemingly very chill rock dad Albert Hammond Sr. told The West Australian that his son's band, The Strokes, were recording a new album. Specifically, he said, the band were working with "a great producer called Rick Rubin" before offering some more chill rock dad thoughts:

"I speak to my son every day and he says that they're so happy," the 73-year-old from Gibraltar said. "I'm sure this will be a very successful record."


Sadly, it seems that the elder Hammond jumped the gun. "Sorry everyone we are not in the studio recording," Albert Hammond Jr. wrote on Twitter late Saturday night. "Forgive Albert Sr he got prematurely excited. A lot of unknowns and nothing worth speaking about at this time." The younger Hammond did confirm that The Strokes had met with Rubin and floated some ideas around, but added that there aren't concrete plans for a first LP since 2013's Comedown Machine just yet. "We met and played a few music ideas for Rick to feel out a vibe," he wrote, "but even a theoretical album plan would be years away, if at all."

Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas corroborated his bandmate's denial early on Sunday afternoon, adding that he was preparing to release new music with his side-project. "Gearing up for The Voidz actually," he wrote. "Will have some new music for everyone to publicly judge soon."

Oh, and this:

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