Mahalia, Suzi Wu and Loads More Will Play The Great Escape Festival

Here is some important info for people who like new music but don't like fields or tents.
Both images courtesy of PR.

If you’ve never been to The Great Escape, here are some things you should know: it’s basically a festival, but instead of sleeping in tents outside, you sleep in warm beds in Airbnbs or your mate’s flat or whatever. It’s also not in a field, but in a series of venues around Brighton in the UK, kind of like SXSW but colder and with fewer tacos and flannel shirts and more chips on the seafront. It also takes place from 17 to 19 May, which means it kicks off festival season. Mainly, though, it’s the where you go if you’re super nerdy about new music and want to see all your favourite new artists in one place before they blow up on a bigger level, without having to squint from across a field while clutching a warm £6 lager that you queued up for one hour to buy.


All of which is to say: they’ve announced their first line up bookings today and the list is both very comprehensive and also packed with some Noisey favourites. In-your-feelings guitar killer Phoebe Bridgers is going to be there, Suzi Wu's slightly off-kilter pop is going to be there, new R&B romantic Mahalia is going to be there and so are loads of others, like Hatchie and Happy Meals and Sports Team and Pale Waves and Denzel Himself. In the past it’s been quite focussed on grime, but this year is leaning more towards bands and guitars because everyone wants to \m/ now don't they.

Click here to see the full line up so far and buy tickets.

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