Young Thug Would Like To Be Referred to as "SEX" Now, Thanks

Has he thought this through? What effect is this going to have on his daily life?
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
February 20, 2018, 12:03pm
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Young Thug, like Diddy before him, says he is rebranding:

Those three exclamation marks mean a lot. This year, rappers are apparently all about the concepts. Diddy became Love; Thugger, by contrast, will be Sex. Actually, SEX. I am excited by the prospect of someone just going for it and calling himself Death (my guess: Lil Uzi). However I do just want to ask Young Thug whether he has thought this name change through. Like what are the practicalities here really? What happens when he wants to book in at the doctor's? Or if his mother texts him? Like:

"Hey just here to pick up some dry cleaning I left in last week, should be under the name SEX? Yeah, SEX. Thanks."


"This is the last call for our 16:00 flight to John F Kennedy airport. Can passenger SEX please come to departure gate 42?"

"Hi SEX it's just mom. I was wondering if you'd like to come over for dinner this weekend? Let me know, I'll cook something special. Love you, SEX. Mom x"

"Can SEX come to appointment room 3?"

"I've got a reservation for SEX. Yeah as in, that's my name. I haven't reserved se—OK, yeah thanks."

"Hey, my name is SEX, nice to meet you."

Enough? OK. Basically all I'm saying is: life is pretty unsexy. Perhaps naming yourself SEX spices up every situation, but maybe it also does the opposite. Doesn't associating your laundry with the ancient art of lovemaking (sorry) make sex more ordinary, less erotic, less sexy? Just some food for thought, SEX.

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