Armie Hammer Really Wants You to Know He Got Arrested for Weed One Time

Even though it's not Thursday, the 'Call Me by Your Name' star posted a #TBT Instagram of his old mugshot, reminding us he likes to blaze it.
March 13, 2018, 8:38pm
Photo via the Hudspeth County Sheriff's Office 

Not only is Armie Hammer an incredible actor with impeccable dancing abilities, a great sense of humor, and, uh, easy on the eyes, the actor has a delightful, mom-like social media presence. Lately, his Twitter has shifted from a place where he's shared what he's been listening to, to an outlet for voicing the intimate thoughts he has about certain universal truths.

He's shown us that, while he may look like a god, he's just a mere mortal who's big enough to admit when he's wrong.

And the guy's even been known to drop some heavy history knowledge on his followers.

But on Tuesday, Hammer shifted mediums to Instagram to share a very revealing, personal moment from his past. Even though it's not Thursday, the Call Me by Your Name star was compelled to post a #TBT photo of his 2011 mugshot, geotagged at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint along the Texas-Mexico border.

Watch out, Jeremy Meeks.

That's right, people. Armie Hammer, the guy who played Harvard bros Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, as well as a fucking Disney prince, has a criminal past. According to TMZ, the mugshot is from Hammer's 2011 arrest in Texas for marijuana possession, where he was found with one pot brownie and not one, not two, but three weed cookies. He apparently spent the day in jail and paid a $1,000 fine before the cops let him go.

But instead of, you know, just going about his movie star life, palling around with Timothée Chalamet in Italy or whatever, Hammer bestowed on us a souvenir from his trip down south, giving all his followers a subtle and important reminder that like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Barry O, and a majority of Americans, the guy likes to blaze it. Maybe that explains some of his tweets.

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