Magician Fails at NHL Awards Reveal, Gets Left Hanging by Anze Kopitar

The Los Angeles Kings captain was having none of it as his name was called for the Selke Award for defensive forward of the year.
June 21, 2018, 1:59pm
Screen capture via NHL Awards, Twitter/@PeteBlackburn 

Silly magician, tricks are for kids. The NHL Awards were held in Las Vegas this year, and so they decided to use a little Vegas flare to spice things up during the live ceremonies with a magician. How fun! But one thing they couldn't account for is a magic trick completely bombing.

It seems our magic man was supposed to lay his cards down in a specific sequence to reveal an image of Anze Kopitar as the winner of the Selke Award, the NHL's top defensive forward. The announcer was supposed to time up with the photo reveal, but the photo reveal was a disaster. None of the cards came out sequenced correctly, so it just turned into a jumbled clusterfuck.

But just to compound the pure awkwardness even more, Kopitar rightfully decided that a card trick had absolutely nothing to do with his hard-earned season of exceptional hockey. So Kopitar just kind of turned from the struggling magician as he admitted defeat and reached out for a handshake. Kopitar, however, left him hanging—hard:

Yikes. Brings new meaning to the phrase "sleight of hand."