CMDWN and Lil Wop's "Hit & Run" Unites America and Canada Through Hip-Hop

The Toronto rap duo release a new, cheery banger in advance of their 'Atlanada 2' tape.

Both Canada Day and American Independence Day just passed us by, and the patriotic holidays were stained by the enmity that has grown between the two countries. Luckily, bi-national duo CMDWN can see past such petty discord in order to bring us the ignorant club jams we need. The Toronto-based group of Fiji and Ca$tro Guapo is gearing up for their new project Atlanada 2, which, if it's anything like its 2016 predecessor, will make for some great music to blare out of car stereos whether driving down Queen Street or through hazy Atlanta summer's day.


The tape's first single is called "Hit & Run," and it features rising Atlantan Lil Wop. It's an incredibly goofy song, the cheery marimba riff and cartoon sound effects fitting oddly next to Ca$tro Guapo's crowd-inciting hook and Wop muttering about sticking his fingers up certain orifices. Still, Ca$tro makes sure to remind us that "my momma was my sidewalk cause she kept me off the street," so just know that these boys are aware of their roots. Stream "Hit & Run" below.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.