Police Ask Victims of Public Masturbation Spree to Come Forward

Vancouver police say they found video of 30 incidents on 28-year-old suspect Trevor John Kurjata’s phone.
Photo via CP

Vancouver police are asking as many as 60 victims of a public masturbation spree to come forward after cops found videos of the alleged sex crimes on a suspect’s phone.

So far Trevor John Kurjata, 28, has been charged with five counts of committing an indecent act and one count of exposing genitals to a person under 16 years. But video evidence seized by police suggests there were as many as 30 similar incidents between July 6 and 18, 2018.


Map of incidents. Image courtesy VPD

According to police, the suspect drove a pickup truck all over Vancouver and approached teen girls and young women on the sidewalk. The man would pull over and attempt to engage the women and girls in conversation, while also trying to draw attention to the fact that he was masturbating behind the wheel.

The suspect would then speed off after watching the women and girls react to his public jerking. As if that wasn’t terrible enough, it appears this loser filmed it all.

The cops say the incidents occurred as far west as the University of British Columbia campus and as far east as the city’s border with Burnaby, BC. A whole cluster of them seem to have gone down along Macdonald Street in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, between 15th and 20th Avenues.

Police were called to a public masturbation sighting on 17th and Macdonald on July 18, following a series of similar reports. Police located and arrested the suspect shortly after.

“Officers have continued their investigation after the initial arrest and determined the suspect had set up a cell phone to record his interactions with these unsuspecting young people,” Constable Jason Doucette said in an emailed statement. “Based on the videos recovered from his phone, we are confident there are many other victims who have not yet spoken with police and we are asking them to come forward.”

Police are asking victims to call the local sex crimes unit at 604-717-0604 if they know anything about the 30-plus other crimes. In the meantime, the suspect has been released under “strict court-imposed conditions.”

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