This Guy Ate Chipotle 500 Days in a Row and Survived

His name is Bruce Wayne, and he's a goddamn legend.
Photo of Wayne via his Instagram; photo of a burrito by Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Burritos are the pinnacle of food technology. They're glorious, bean-and-rice presents gift-wrapped in a tortilla—delicious, portable, and endlessly variable. Nothing prepares the human body to greet the day like a breakfast burrito, and nothing caps off a late night as well as a California burrito stuffed with fries. But like all great things, even the magnificent, overstuffed power meals can lose their luster over time, apparently.


This week—after over a year of daily burritos, quesadillas, and taco bowls—a guy who ate at Chipotle for 500 days straight finally decided to end his streak and "eat something new," the Associated Press reports.

The man, Bruce Wayne—no relation—broke the previous Chipotle-eating record of 425 days back in December. To celebrate the kind of horrifying accomplishment of ingesting Chipotle 426 days in a row and surviving, the Mexican food chain donated $4,260 to charity in Wayne's name. But the guy was apparently hungry for more than a record, so he just kept going. Now, finally, it looks like he's had his fill.

Wayne donned a full leather Batman costume in honor of his 500th and final Chipotle meal because, as he told the Courier, "I always said that I would finish the challenge as I started it, and that’s in the batsuit." He's also named "Bruce Wayne," so there's that.

"What a perfect end to an amazing journey," Wayne wrote in an Instagram post celebrating the end of his Chipotle marathon. "Thank you SO very much @chipotlemexicangrill for memories that will last forever!"

Apparently Chipotle has gotten a handle on that whole E. coli thing, since Wayne's Instagram doesn't make any mention of "pooping blood"—or at least nothing bad enough to dissuade him from his 500-day streak.

"Tomorrow isn’t just the end of one adventure; it’s the start of a new one," Wayne wrote in an earlier post about his 499th meal. It's unclear what exactly that new journey will be, but there are plenty of better spots out there with actually edible queso if he's still in the mood for Mexican.

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