OMB Peezy Is Frustrated With the System on "Fuck My P.O."

The Mobile, Alabama rapper revisits a situation that's held him back since his teenage years.

Mobile, Alabama's OMB Peezy is one of music's most promising rising stars in the reality rap arena. That's been apparent since he started getting recognition in 2017 with his track "Lay Down," which joined the nasal harmonies usual heard in Louisiana rap with the bouncy tempo of Bay Area rap. Since then, Peezy has released a healthy amount of music to keep fans occupied. Last year, he dropped Humble Beginnings, a tape which was produced solely by Cardo. At the top of this year, he and Baton Rouge rapper Sherwood Marty traded bars on their collaborative Young & Reckless tape.


Today, Peezy returns with a new song and track that we're premiering titled "Fuck My P.O." The song's theme is quite self-explanatory. Frustrated with being held back by missteps he made in his early days, 21-year-old Peezy put his emotions onto wax. "Crackers talkin' bout my dreads / Sayin' rappin' ain't a real job / Just bailed out for some marijuana before they hit me with a real charge," he raps on the song.

The video finds him kicking back in a stash house before being stormed in on by police. He gets out of the place and hops into a car that speeds off before cops get to him. “The reason I wrote ‘Fuck My P.O.’ is because I was having legal problems with my previous probation officer," Peezy said in an email conversation. When you're a bad child growing up and you finally find the right route for yourself, you will still have troubles that you have to overcome within the system. But there is no reason for anybody to hold you back from building your future. So I wrote ‘Fuck My P.O.' because that is how I feel; he’d been trying to hold me back from chasing my dream. I felt that it was important to make the video for this song because I wanted people to know the impact he had on my life at the time.” Watch the video above.

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