Transform Your Nintendo Switch With These Lego Mods

This YouTuber will show you how to beef up your Switch with a couple of 3D-printed parts and Lego Technic pieces.
April 5, 2018, 2:01pm

Nintendo’s cardboard accessories for the Switch launch later this month, but one YouTuber has beaten Nintendo to the punch. Proving that plastic is stronger than paper, YouTuber vmln8r is using Lego to craft steering wheels, kickstands, and even a brand new way to take the system mobile.

In a video first spotted by Hackaday, vmln8r uses a 3D printer to make Lego attachments that slide into the Switch’s side rails. The simple pieces of plastic served as scaffolding for the Lego pieces and allowed vmln8r to create a number of cool projects. First up on the list was a new and more stable way to keep the Switch upright. The Switch comes with a kickstand, but it’s garbage. vmln8r’s Lego-infused solution is both functional and cool.

vmln8r also used legos to create two different kinds of steering wheels and various controller modifications to make the Joy-Con controllers easier to use. These experiments use the Lego Technic line—the plastic brick maker’s sturdier kits reserved for more advanced models. Interested makers can pick up the formula for the Switch rails here.

Why wait two weeks for cardboard when you can have the stability of plastic now?