Erin Rae Has a Song for You When You Feel Like Going Back to Your Old Ways

The Americana artist's next album, 'Putting On Airs,' is out in June. Hear its first single, "Can't Cut Loose," now.

Quitting is hard, especially when what you're quitting seems like it has some sort of purpose you can't find from anything else. A shitty relationship is hard to leave because then you would be, on some level, alone. Drinking lubricates the brain and reassures your inhibitions. Smoking, well, it's an opportunity to socialize with people outside of the loud bar and maybe meet someone new. And in music, country especially, coping mechanisms are so heavily romanticized that leaving them behind can often feel like risking your identity. If you don't have unhealthy ones, are you suffering? If you're not suffering, do your songs?


Deciding to leave behind the things preventing you from being happy is hard and terrifying and Erin Rae's upcoming album, ‘Putting On Airs,' from which we're premiering the first song, "Can't Cut Loose," wrestles with that specific unknown. "This album was born out of a need to do some healing work in my personal life, to address some fears, and patterns of mine and allow my true feelings to come to the surface," the Tennessee native says.

"Can't Cut Loose" is, Rae said over email, "a song about romanticizing addiction in all of its forms, from substances to love and relationships. I wrote this song to that incessant longing voice in my head that tells me I need something else to make me feel different or better."

You can hear the song below. Putting On Airs is out June 8 on Single Lock Records.