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Daily Horoscopes: August 4, 2017

The Moon is in Capricorn today.
Cathryn Virginia
illustrated by Cathryn Virginia

The Moon, in Capricorn, opposes Venus at 5:22 AM, stirring up complicated emotions. We'll find it easier to communicate our feelings this afternoon after the Moon connects with Mercury at 2:22 PM. Jupiter clashes with Pluto at 2:29 PM, putting people in a competitive mood. Finally, the Moon connects with dreamy Neptune at 11:58 PM, creating a magical atmosphere!

All times EST.


The energy is potent today, Leo! It's a powerful day for communication, and some intriguing negotiations will take place. If you're clear about what you want, you'll be able to get it.


The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, putting you in a creative and flirtatious mood! The energy is intense today, Virgo—power moves are being made.


You're in a private mood today, Libra, thanks to the Moon in Capricorn. Major shifts are taking place around your home, or your personal life, thanks to Jupiter and Pluto's connection in the sky. It's okay to be a little selfish today.


You're focused on finding effective ways to communicate today, Scorpio. Your psychic intuition is ultra strong—trust it! If you find yourself feeling paranoid, however, ask someone you trust for an outside perspective.


The Moon is in materially minded Earth sign Capricorn, encouraging you to reflect on issues concerning self-worth and finances. Major shifts are taking place in your social life! The mood is competitive.


The Moon is in your sign today, Capricorn, encouraging you to touch base with your heart's needs. It's a super intense day, thanks to Jupiter and Pluto meeting in the sky—expect big shifts around your professional goals or your public life.


Take it easy today, Aquarius. The Moon is in Capricorn, activating a very sleepy and private sector of your chart. Powerful philosophical breakthroughs will go down today. A heated political or spiritual debate is likely.


The Moon is in Capricorn today, encouraging you to reflect on your friendships and the groups you associate with. Intense emotions will push you to be more competitive than you usually are.


You're reflecting on your career and your reputation today, thanks to the Moon in Capricorn, and relationship issues are also coming to the fore. Powerful changes are taking place. You're always competitive as hell, Aries, and today this will really be the case.


The Moon is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, sending lucky vibes your way! You'll need all the positive energy you can get because the atmosphere today brings a lot of pressure, especially around responsibility and communication.


This is a powerful day for your relationships, Gemini, especially intimate ones—major breakthroughs will take place! That said, the energy will be intense and over-the-top. Tears will be flowing, whether they're for joy, sadness, or release.


The Moon is in Capricorn today, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart; when you wake up this morning, you may feel frustrated about how things are flowing in that area of life. Communication improves later on. What's in the stars for you in August? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.