Watch the Psychedelic Cactus Giving People a Spiritual High on All 4

Host Hamilton Morris uncovers the history behind the world's most extraordinary mind-altering substances.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia peyote
Photo: VICE

VICE's resident drug anthropologist still has some psychoactive substances he'd like to explore.

Let Hamilton Morris take you to the Andean highlands of Peru, where he embarks on a quest to discover how local shamans use the San Pedro cactus for powerful medicinal purposes. Exploring the cactus that is said to hold psychedelic properties, watch Hamilton explore the plant's rumoured spiritual high on All 4 here.

Want to know more about the myriad ways human beings like to get high?

After tasting hallucinogenic fish brains in Madagascar and infiltrating the underground shroom trade in season one, Hamilton takes a deep dive into the world's most potent mind-altering substances, seeking out proponents, experts and cultivators of DMT, peyote, and kratom in the second season of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, which is available to watch free on All 4.

Watch the Hamilton's Pharmacopeia box sets for free on All 4, right here.