Passenger Finds Tooth in Meal Onboard Singapore Airlines

The world’s best airline may have just served the world’s worst meal
Singapore Airlines is ranked among the best airlines in the world. File photo from Wikimedia Commons

Singapore Airlines was ranked the best airline in the world by Skytrax in 2018, which used a survey of over 24 million passengers. So it came as a huge surprise when one Australian passenger discovered a human tooth in his in-flight meal.

Bradley Button, the victim of the incident, reported that he was eating rice when he bit on something hard. He spat out the object, to find it resembled a human tooth. On the incident, Button shared the following “I threw my guts up. For the rest of the flight I was not well, just the idea of having someone else’s body part in my food is not nice.”


After the odd discovery, cabin crew tried to convince Button that the object was just a “small rock.” He inspected the object with the help of his neighbor – both were certain it was a tooth. As the situation escalated, Button said the “flight attendant that attended to me was adamant that she needed to take it away for testing and was trying to tell me that it was a small rock, when it was without a shadow of a doubt a tooth.”

To help ease the tension, Button was given an SGD $75 (USD $55.6) voucher to use on Singapore Airlines Duty Free only.

In response, the airline told Channel News Asia that "Singapore Airlines is aware that a customer travelling on flight SQ248 from Wellington to Melbourne on Tuesday, Feb 26, found what appeared to be a foreign object in their meal." They added, "We are currently investigating this incident and have sent the object for analysis. Once the results of the analysis are known, we will determine what the most appropriate course of action to take is. We expect all of our meals to meet a consistently high standard and we are disappointed in this discovery."

What will Button do? He told Channel News Asia that "as I have now lodged a formal complaint with the airline, I do not wish to comment further, providing them with an opportunity to resolve this situation.” It will hopefully be more than $75?