Ukraine Has Written a Folk Song About Its Drone

Music is a powerful means of resistance in wartime. These are some of the songs about the war in Ukraine.
Image: Getty Images

A song about a Turkish drone has gone viral in Ukraine. The song is called Bayraktar and it’s named for the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone that Ukraine has been using to great effect in its war against Russia.

It was recorded in February by Ukrainian artist Taras Borovok and has been uploaded in various forms across the internet. It’s become so popular that the name of an internet based radio station playing songs of the war, Radio Bayraktar, has adopted its name.


The song mocks Russia and depicts a world where drones are destroying the foreign army’s advances. “Stupid rams barged on our lands from the East,” the lyrics go. “To resurrect the country that does not exist/ A diligent shepherd that drives them afar…Bayraktar!”

Every war produces music and modern militaries across the world frequently record songs for propaganda purposes. In 2020, Azerbaijan dropped a music video before going to war with Armenia. A Russian military music video has been in and out of virality for more than a decade.

Ukraine is no different. There are multiple songs praising the Javelin, the anti-tank weapon Ukraine is using to devastating effect.

The Ukrainian military is even sharing remixes of folk songs to its official Facebook page.

Traditional Ukrainian folk music has a dark history with Russia. In the 1930s, as part of an attempt to purge Ukraine of its culture, the Soviet Union carried out a purge of Ukrainian minstrels. There is a monument to the dead musicians in Kharkiv and traditional Ukrainian music has become a powerful symbol of resistance to Russian aggression.