Hackers Are Making a Fortune Stealing from Kids in ‘Roblox’

Inside the underground marketplaces where “beamers” con people out of rare items in one of the most popular video games in the world.
Roblox final

Roblox is one of the most popular and profitable video games ever created. Unless you’ve got kids, there’s a decent chance you’ve probably never heard of it. What makes it so engaging is that it’s a place where players develop and sell their own games and items. There is an internal economy and culture built around it. Roblox is, dare I say,  a metaverse all its own.

Lurking at the edges of that metaverse is a group of people called Beamers. With so many items floating around the Roblox economy worth so much cash and so many of them owned by children. That’s a target an unscrupulous hacker can hardly pass up.

This week on Cyber, Motherboard staff writer Joseph Cox walks us through the underground world of Roblox. It’s the subject of his newest piece, “How Roblox ‘Beamers’ Get Rich Stealing from Children.”

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