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This App Will Pay You for All the Random Photos in Your Camera Roll

Viewcoin lets you cash in on your selfies and feet pics and exchange your virtual doubloons for gifts, rewards, and discounts.
Viewcoin Lets You Get Gifts and Coupons Just by Taking Photos
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Is your love interest (unfortunately) someone who works in finance? If that’s the case, then it’s high time you got your money up, babe. If you’re dying to find a way to woo them that doesn’t require predicting a spike in the stock market, chances are you’ll have to diversify your portfolio of conversation topics (beyond their usual favorite talking points of cryptocurrency and Elon Musk). If you really want to wow your financially inclined boo on “prospective financial opportunities” (or whatever Wall Street bros say), here’s one interesting new app that should perk them up. Meet Viewcoin—an app that allows the photos in your camera roll to earn you digital coins (which in turn earn you discounts and freebies at major retailers). It’s not a cryptocurrency, but given how weird the crypto world is anyways, we bet they’ll never know the difference!


So how does Viewcoin work exactly? You earn coins by going about your typical business of taking gorgine pics and videos on your phone. For every unique masterpiece you take, you’ll earn 0.1 Viewcoin. Make sure you take a variety of content to increase your earnings since the app’s algorithm will know if you’re cheating the system (frankly, a bit spooky). Any media imported or received through messages will also not count. In other words: All those “unique” selfies and dog pics are finally going to pay off, because Viewcoin, which was founded by the same team behind photography-driven social media platform Viewbug, gives you rewards for doing absolutely nothing. Who knew your own mediocre photography skills could be considered a treasure chest? As Viewcoin puts it, “It’s like turning your memories into gold!” You can exchange your hidden loot for gifts, rewards, and discounts from places like Panera, the NBA Store, and Paramount+

Worried about peeping Toms getting a peek into your private camera roll? Don’t fret, your camera roll stays private and the app won’t actually be able to see your photos. Your feet pics will remain untouched forever—thank god! Oh, and, both Android and Apple users can indulge in the freebies since Viewcoin is downloadable via the Apple Store and Google Play Store. 

We hope you collect your virtual gold doubloons because a Panera bread bowl should be in everyone’s near future. And remember, the phone eats first so you can rack up that dough (pun very much intended). 

You can learn more about Viewcoin here

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