The First VR Squirting Video Shot Specifically for Apple Vision Pro Is Here

Two weeks after Apple's headset launched without porn, sex educator Kenneth Play is debuting adult instructional videos shot with the iPhone 15.
The First VR Squirting Video Shot Specifically for Apple Vision Pro Is Here
Image via Kenneth Play

The first adult content shot on the iPhone 15 for the Apple Vision Pro has been released as a series of explicit sex education videos including a squirting tutorial, the series’ creator announced on Wednesday. This comes just two weeks after the Vision Pro debuted and many were surprised to discover it did not support existing VR porn, prompting disgruntlement on Reddit


The series is called Spatial Sex Ed and features instructional videos on making somebody squirt and tracking arousal via vaginal contractions. It was all shot as immersive content specifically made for the $3,499 goggles by Kenneth Play with performer Joanna Angel. The series is currently available for free via Play’s website after an email sign-up.

“Sex is usually the breakthrough with any new technology,” said Play, a sex educator and the maker of the series, who was named the “world’s greatest sex hacker” by GQ. “If you get VHS, you make porn. You get the internet, you create Pornhub. So, I really think the sex tech community has really pushed technology forward.” 

Play said he was excited to be the first to release sex content specifically made for the Vision Pro. When the headset launched on February 2, many people were immediately disappointed to find out that it could not play virtual reality porn. Web-based virtual porn frequently runs on an API called WebXR, which Apple has supported on its Safari browser since 2022. 404 Media reported that porn-seeking users speculated that VR porn makers simply hadn't optimized their videos for Safari and sought out imperfect workarounds. Spatial Sex Ed, however, was shot using the iPhone 15 Pro’s built-in spatial video function, designed specifically for compatibility with the new headset. 

“Your entire eyesight is in a 3D effect,” Play said. “You really are standing there, but not in this awkward [way] like the old VR, 180-degrees 3D. It’s light years ahead as far as the experience is concerned.”

Play’s series includes an immersive version of his famed squirting tutorial, as well as two partnerships with sex toy companies, one of which sells an AI-powered vibrator that tracks sexual arousal. Though it is shot for the Vision Pro, the series is also watchable on a flat screen and on the Meta Quest 3, which is a much cheaper alternative and is capable of many of the same functions as the Apple Vision Pro. 

“I think this is going to change how VR content is shot,” Play said. “Traditional VR porn is stuck on this very awkward POV. Their male talents are usually not moving. This guy’s lying there, and then just the other porn performer is moving, so I don’t think that experience is all that great. But because of this new technology, it will change how that content is shot. I believe that the porn industry is going to take advantage of every new technology that comes out.”

VR porn is still a niche category, but it is growing. A survey of nearly 5,000 VR users by found that about half of users watched VR porn with their headsets at least once a week. Now, it appears the Apple Vision Pro headset, which one angry observer initially dubbed an expensive “chastity belt,” is joining the fray.