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The Best Stuff from Cara Delevingne's Horny Home Tour, and Where to Get It

I'm obsessed with the trippy lighting, sex swings, and wallpaper from Delevingne's Architectural Digest home tour, so I found it all (for cheap).
New York, US
June 30, 2021, 4:33pm
couch chair cart plants
Photo: Composite by VICE Staff

Last week, the world watched as Cara Delevingne was born again. As the actor and model gave Architectural Digest a home video tour, she slipped inside a plushy, feathered “vagina tunnel” (which is hidden behind a mirrored panel of her Los Angeles home) with her dog, and emerged from a washing machine on the other side of her “lovely labia.” As one does.


When you write all that down, the words almost jump off the paper. 

“The house feels like Saint-Tropez meets Coney Island meets Cotswolds cottage meets Monte Carlo meets butch leather bar,” writes AD in the accompanying article. Delevingne designed the surprise-filled party palace with Architect Nicolò Bini of Line Architecture, who also helped her with the design of her last home, shared with sister Poppy Delevingne. In many ways, the new house is a clear continuation of their hyper-palm-fronded vision, but we sense that Delevingne the Younger has put more time into fleshing things out this time around. The place reads less “tiki bar bathroom in Chelsea,” and more “horny pleasure palace.”

There’s a swingers grotto (with an actual swing), and a David Bowie-themed bathroom. There are trampolines built into the backyard—upon which Delevingne bounces without spilling a drop of Prosecco—and striped tents that look like they’re on the run from the South of France. There’s a cocaine-glamorous mirrored 1980s bed, gold hardware (everywhere), a drum kit, a poker table, and a pink Razor scooter jauntily placed in a corner. It’s a home, but even more so: It’s an invitation to get loose.

“It’s kind of like an adult playhouse,” Delevingne says in the video, stopping to present a vibey, fuschia James Turrell piece. “I wanted to lighten everything up, brighten everything up [...] Hugh Hefner was a big inspiration for this house. It kind of feels like my Playboy Mansion.” And with the “wicked, Wurlitzer see-through piano,” and a vintage Playboy-themed pinball game, that makes perfect sense. The palm fronds haven’t subsided. They’ve just grown. 


In the spirit of busting TF out this summer like a hot clown, we scouted a few dupes of Delevingne’s best home decor pieces for your own home, taking notes on everything from her taste in plants to kitchen hardware, and more. Unscrew the popper topper kit and let’s GOOOO.

Get some forever fronds

It turns out plants from relatively far away places are, well, kiiiiind of degrading for the environment. And be honest with yourself, Brad. It’s time to get a high-quality, faux plant that will last forever—and in that category, The Sill is unmatched (but Cost Plus World Market and Nearly Natural have some pretty top lads). 

Cost Plus World Market

Pair of Faux Tropical Plants

The Sill

Faux Monstera Leaves Trio

Cost Plus World Market

Faux Double Yucca Tree


Vintage-Inspired Striped Premium Beach Umbrella

Let the games begin

The gaming setup Delevingne has by her music room is impressive, but we’re not ready to shell out a few grand on a whole arcade lineup. What we are ready for, however, is opening the floodgates to all the feels of holding an Atari in our hands again [cries in 1970s] or tossing our chips to fate at a fold-up poker table.


40Th Anniversary Flashback 8 Gold Deluxe HD

Kestell Furniture

Fold-Up Poker Table

An inviting statement chair 

Preferably, a teak statement chair that’s shaped like an egg/looks like it was woven by Blue Jays. Spending this much on a chair hurts, but this is the kind of classic you take with you wherever you move—it carries such a vibe, it can totally carry a corner or wall of your home beside a jaunty, single palm leaf in the corner, or a jazzy pillow.  

West Elm

Woven Cave Chair


You’re gonna need more lions

Unfortunately, lion decor is kind of expensive. But Delevingne is a Leo, tells the viewer she’s “met some lions in real life, they’re really just incredible” and she spends a good eight seconds talking about their empowering presence in her life, so we have three options here: Invest in a big antique piece, go full Design Toscano-core, or land somewhere in the gilded middle.  


Lion Head Handles (set of 6)

Design Toscano

Lyndhurst Manor Lion Sentinel Statue

She loves her dried flowers 

It was all pampas on parade during the AD tour, man. UrbanStems has a whole dried bouquets section, which is especially great for summertime floral arrangements as they won’t wilt, ever, and carry into fall decor nicely. 

The Sill

The Neutral Palm Bouquet

Get the bar cart ready

Make sure that baby is well-stocked. This one was definitely designed by someone in a top hat and pinstripes, which is perf for Delevingne. 


Grand Brayson Bar Cart

Go heavy on the temporary wallpaper 

Delevingne’s are mostly designed by Gucci, but you can get a similar look from the floral, animal, and striped temporary wallpaper at Wayfair, which will add depth and visual interest to any space. Who would not be interested in locking eyes with a banana leaf after hitting your jolly bar cart all night? 

York Wallcoverings

Blue Waverly Wailea Coast 18.86' L x 18" W Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll


Marylyn Awning 16.5' L x 20.5" W Stripes Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll


Wellsville Banana Leaf 20' L x 27" W Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll


An installation-free sex swing

We may not have Delevingne’s swing-filled, sexy grotto, but we do have a door or three in our apartment and that’s all you need to install this sex swing. “It used to be that sex swings were reserved for those with solid ceilings, wooden beams or space for an A-frame,” says Lovehoney, “Not any more, friend! Slip this over any closed household door and enjoy confident vertical bonking without getting (too) tired!” Let us know how it goes?


Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

An Art Deco mirror

This one is easy. If you do anything, invest in an Art Deco or geometric mirror; it will add more depth to your home, and give you yet another place to makeout with yourself. 

Everly Quinn

Laurens Geometric Oval Vanity Wall Accent Mirror

Sail on, sailor

We spotted some unicorn and rainbow pool floaties in Delevingne’s pool, but for some reason those just remind us of like, the Museum of Ice Cream or something. This floating mouth captures the carefree energy, but has more sex appeal. 


Floating Lip Couch

Oh! And don’t forget the lube. Cheerio. 

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