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Wait, Future Is Releasing *Another* New Album This Friday

An honest question: does he sleep?

Future is out of control. Just when you thought that one new album was all you were getting from him for 2017, he goes and announces another one. This, obviously, has fucked up all your shit because now you have to fit double the Future into your day. How inconsiderate. The new new record, which he kind of announced via Twitter, and later confirmed via Instagram (see below), is called HNDRXX and will be released this Friday (February 24). And, if the Instagram tags are to be believed, it'll include appearances from Rihanna and The Weeknd (in a departure from the 'NO FEATURES' vibe of the week-old Future). So no big deal.    So while this is exciting news for everyone with ears, I am concerned for Future. With a work ethic like that, when does Future relax? Does he ever just drink a cup of cocoa and chill with an episode of The Bachelor or a good book? I mean, probably not, because there's music to make, but for his own sake I hope he fits in some rest and relaxation between all that banger-making.


(Image via Future on Instagram)