The Shins Have Resurfaced, Wordy as Ever, with New Song "Name for You"

Their first album in four years, 'Heartworms,' is out in March.
January 5, 2017, 5:37pm

Of all the comebacks to have happened this year, the Shins were not among the most hyped. But they're one of the most definitive bands in establishing the tone and style of indie rock for the previous decade, and they haven't released an album in a minute so it's pretty neat to have them announce their new album Heartworms (is that contagious?) for a March 10th release date and to also share the album single "Name for You."

It's a bouncy, very Shins number that features typically obtuse turns of phrase from singer James Mercer such as "rolling down the ancient high street" and "you're flipping through the check-stand rags." Just say "cobblestone road," dude! But this is the same verbose man who began his very best song with "After all these implements and text designed by intellects / so vexed to find evidently there's just so much that hides" which is kinda rad in its own way. This song seems to be about vanity and awareness of one's own mortality but it also could totally not be about those things? Seems about right. Welcome back, Shins. You can listen to "Name for You" below.

Phil once thought that "Kissing the Lipless" was about reptiles. He's on Twitter.