Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Are Going to Duke It Out Over Obamacare on TV

The 2016 presidential contenders will argue over the future of the Affordable Care Act next Tuesday, February 7, on CNN.
February 1, 2017, 5:49pm
Photo via Flickr user Scott P

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz are getting back up on the debate stage this year to argue about the future of Obama's Affordable Care Act, Politico reports.

CNN announced Wednesday that it has secured a primetime spot for the event, which will air next Tuesday night. CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will moderate, and audience members will also be encouraged to ask questions, town hall-style.

The 2016 presidential contenders never got a chance to face off during the election, but seem to have a lot of things to argue about in terms of their parties' opposing views on healthcare. Texas senator Ted Cruz will likely be asked about the plan congressional Republicans want to replace Obama's act with, and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders will probably argue that the repeal could affect millions of people on Medicaid and Medicare, as he did with a giant poster of Trump's tweet on the Senate floor recently.

Entertainment factor aside, the debate could provide some useful information and talking points for people who are still thoroughly confused about Obamacare before Congress votes on it. According to a recent Kaiser Family Poll, 75 percent of Americans either want Congress to leave Obamacare as is, or repeal it only when there is a suitable replacement. As of now, the repeal is expected to leave 20 million people without healthcare.

The event will air Tuesday, February 7, at 9 PM EST on CNN, and will probably be a better watch than that time another failed presidential candidate decided to throw down on TV.