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A Hero Allegedly Hacked a Bunch of American Radio Stations to Play YG's "Fuck Donald Trump" on Repeat

The resistance is real, we're going to keep fighting.

In the face of stupidity and the last gasp of white supremacy, the name of the game is obstruction. Make it known that this administration speaks for no one and that they'll get as few chances as possible to make this world into the shitpile they see it as. It starts at the bottom, and what better way to do so than to literally infiltrate the airwaves with the greatest protest song of this generation, YG's "Fuck Donald Trump," featuring Nipsey Hussle.


According to multiple sources, radio stations in South Carolina, Kentucky, Seattle, and Texas (along with a TV station in Mooresville, NC) have reported having their regular programming interrupted by "FDT" starting a few days ago. Reports say that it's just the song's chorus on a loop for up to 20 or 30 minutes, which is frankly incredible. It seems that the affected radio stations all use unprotect Barix Exstreamer audio devices to broadcast, which is likely how the hacker or hackers got in. Though IP addresses have been identified and sent to the FCC, the broadcasts are continuing unabated.

As we've said before, Trump's greatest weakness is his fragile, childlike ego, so hopefully he learns that a pointed, direct "fuck you" at his personal existence is still coming out of the American towns he supposedly speaks for. One day at a time, people.

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