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Revolutionary Bridge Design From Wang Yaohua

Latest design from architect Wang Yaohua discusses the balance between aesthetics and functionality in architecture.
April 18, 2012, 9:00pm

Wang Yaohua's architectural designs are mechanical marvels from the near future that challenge traditional notions of what an urban landscape can look like. We recently told you about his project Beijing House, a space-saving housing concept involving a giant Transformer-looking house that attaches itself to the side of a building.

Wang's latest work Amsterdam Bridge V carries on his signature sci-fi aesthetic, this time applying it to a spiral bridge. Amsterdam Bridge V consists of two parallel paths for pedestrians and bicyclists. As the supporting structure rises up in a dynamic curve, two branches spiral around the two paths creating a roof for part of its length. The fluidity of this design gives it an alluring shape while locking its components together. Additionally, solar and wind power generators are installed on the top of the hub, making the bridge self-sustainable.

Despite all its functionality, its appearance is a bit foreboding. But that’s the nature of revolutionary design—ingenious, but a little scary at first.