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Classical Greek Busts Inspire These Stunning Digital Sculptures

Jon Rafman’s New Age Demanded drapes 3D rendered forms with canonical paintings.

Jon Rafmanthe artist behind ongoing series9-Eyes which collates intriguing images from Google's Street View, has been giving the classical busts of Greek antiquity a digital reworking in another of his ongoing projectsNew Age Demanded

Instead of carving them from marble, which could be a bit time consuming, Rafman builds 3D busts using software and then drapes the rendered shapes with pictures found on the internet to create stunning looking digital prints. And if you’re looking at the busts and thinking you recognize some of the imagery, it’s because Rafman uses works by noted artists like Picasso, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Wassily Kandinsky, and Roy Lichtenstein to create these abstract forms.


Crushed Stingel

Rippled Kandinsky

Zigzagman Lichtenstein

Bulbous Masson

Pockmarked O’Keefe

Swirlyface Oppenheim

Muscleface Franz Marc

Picasso Swirlyface

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