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A Field Of Rods And Thumping Electronic Music Make For Mesmerizing Audiovisual Performance

Musician Edisonnoside and artist Daniel Schwarz’s experimental Imposition started life as a tray of vinegar.
March 6, 2013, 3:43pm

Have you ever wanted to throw your computer into the shredder? One of those days when it keeps freezing or giving you the Blue Screen of Death and you want nothing more than to destroy it into fragmented color and back-lit, shimmering strips of screen?

While this isn’t necessarily possible, and probably not economically worth the beautiful 30-second light show you might get, electronic musician Edisonnoside and visual artist Daniel Schwarz have created a dislodged, visual experience in their audiovisual performance Imposition which resembles what I fantasize this moment of computer-directed revenge might look like.


We featured the work from team Edisonnoside/Schwarz previously with their piece Vanish, where the duo used household materials such as basalmic vinegar and porcelain to create a beautiful and elusive performance

photo via Flickr, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vanish

In Imposition the small-scale experiment Vanish, which took place in a vinegar-drenched tray, is blown up to life-size, encompassing the performers as a stage. Video clips are projected onto a field of rods, which give it this scattered effect. Playing with the juxtaposition of sound and music, the artists create an experience which imbibes the stimulation of more than one sense. As the artists describe, “image and sound go hand in hand—each influences the other, feeds off the other—and in this fusion, play with the perception of space and reality.”

Imposition has made appearances at NODE13 Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt am Main in Germany as well as Pop Corn Club in Venice, and will be performed at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland on May 11th.


All photos courtesy of NODE13 via Flickr.