Leo, October 2015
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Leo, October 2015

September was a wild month filled with changes. In comparison, October is pretty calm. However, a few things might get under your skin.
October 1, 2015, 7:00am

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Not that you're a crybaby (that's Cancer), but you definitely have a big, tender heart, and you're sensitive enough that I wonder why your constellation is in honor of the Nemean Lion, whose skin was an impenetrable armor? You cry pretty easily during sappy films, children fill your heart with faith in the future, and you're always generous when it comes to helping someone out. You're no hard, insensitive lion, Leo—you're fiery and strong, but you're also soft and sweet.


September was a wild month filled with changes: Saturn enters Sagittarius (starting a new two-year journey in your creative life); Mercury went retrograde in Libra (asking you to rethink some decisions you've made around partnership); and we had two wild eclipses, one in Earth sign Virgo, which affected your finances, and one in fellow Fire sign Aries, which brought major changes to your perception of the world as well as to your relationship with your fans (you have so many fans, Leo!). In comparison to September, October is pretty calm. However, a few things might get under your skin. Let's examine the sky's forecast for October:

The Sun, your ruling planet, in Libra squares power planet Pluto in Capricorn on October 6—this combination will definitely be irritating. You can be stubborn (even worse that Taurus!), but October 6 will challenge you to be flexible concerning a situation you might not want to bend on. You goals and dreams are important to you, and being shaken off your path is not something you're cool with. Pluto can be a manipulative energy, playing dirty. Don't drop to that level, Leo; stay honorable. You might feel pushed to assert your dominance over others—you know your lion's roar is freaky and that, if you use it, you can get pretty much anyone to do anything. But is that really how you want to claim your power, Leo? I think not. Be flexible to changes today, and take your time before you act.


That said, October 6 isn't completely overrun with power struggles so long as you're open-minded and willing to work with those you trust. On this same date, Mercury, the planet of communication, will sextile mature Saturn in deep-thinking Sagittarius. We like sextiles: They're helpful and informative. Yes, Mercury is retrograde, so whatever you plan today might not be the most solid idea, and things may change; however, it'll be a great start for you. Saturn is all about foundation and structure, so the conversations you have today will lead to you finding some solid ground to stand on.

October 6 will challenge you, but you might look back on this day as being very important in creating a support system—that is, if you don't succumb to feeling like you need to lord power over everyone. If you allow the manipulative vibe to take over you, things (obviously) won't work out well. It's no mystery that if you act like an asshole, people will think you're an asshole, and life will be more difficult.

Venus—the planet of love, wealth and all that is good—enters Virgo on October 8. Virgo's the virgin, so it's always funny to see how coquettish Venus will enjoy its journey through this sign. Virgo is an Earth sign, which means it's all about physicality—the body, of course, but also material things, like cash. Expect your money situation to enjoy a boost while Venus is in Virgo. On a deeper level, Leo, I want you to consider how you seduce or attract physical pleasure in your life, whether that means lust or money.


Mercury (in Libra) goes direct on October 9, bringing forward motion to all the discussions you've been having around Libra things in your life: partnerships, but also decisions and judgments— Libra is the sign of the scales, so judgment is a big part of the picture here. Did you make a "ruling" on something in your life that now, after the last few weeks, you've decided to reconsider? There's no shame in changing your mind—it's right in line with what the cosmos is asking you to do, and that's exactly what Mercury retrograde is here for!

The Sun (your ruling planet, because, obviously, you are the center of everything) opposes rebel Uranus on October 11, which will bring some drama and excitement. Crazy gossip might come flying your way; be really careful to watch your mouth. This is an excellent transit for things to go viral—let it be for something amazing and genius you say, rather than something terrible or not thought out. If you really have the urge to say something risky, run it by someone mature first. Impulse control will be difficult today; however, you're reading this is advance, so hopefully it will help you out!

Communication blunders are definitely a thing early this month, as you can see, and it's not just due to Mercury retrograde (which everyone loves to hate). Fortunately, there will be a New Moon in Libra, a clear-thinking, intellectual Air sign, on October 12. This will bring you some peace, harmony, and a fresh start around communication. Expect to revisit a lot of the conversations you had during the Mercury retrograde: What discussions or relationships are you hoping to have new insight on?

The Sun enters Water sign Scorpio October 23, inspiring you to reconnect with your home base. Scorpio is a defensive sign, running around with its stinger pointed at anyone who might attack. Not every one can be as strong and dominant as a big, beautiful lion—but even you, dear Leo, need a safe and comfortable space to retreat to. Just like scorpion can slink under some rock (or wherever it is that creepy, crawly things go), you too need a sanctuary. Over this next month, meditate on what home, safety, family, and security means to you.

Venus meets Jupiter in Virgo on October 25. Remember what we just discussed about Venus in Virgo upping your material situation? Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, so this day should be super bright and lucky around all those Virgoan, physical Venusian themes. Lust, love, money, and self-esteem will all be highlighted beautifully today. You've had a rough summer, Leo—Venus was retrograde in your sign, making you feel weepy, a little unloved and unseen. Things really start to pick up now!

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 27 will be revealing, especially concerning your career and your climb to the top. Do you still have the same goals you used to have? So much has changed over the last few weeks, and, with these changes, your priorities have shifted as well. How will this affect your journey to success? If you're feeling nervous about your new direction, this Full Moon will reveal to you how it's all working out in relation to your reputation and your career. If you don't like what you see: No fear, you'll be able to adjust it. Going back to the Sun in Scorpio, please keep in mind, Leo, that your home base is very important, likely more important that you believe. Without a secure, strong place to find comfort and safety, "making it" in your career will be difficult.

You shouldn't have too difficult a time finding faith in yourself at the end of the month, Leo. The Sun trines dreamy Neptune on October 30, which will reconnect you to your faith in yourself and will likely boost your psychic abilities—so definitely trust your gut at the end of this month. Neptune is a dreamy, creative, and sensitive planet, and, despite how tough and fiery you may seem, you're also a creative, sensitive person with huge dreams. Your skin might not be the thickest, but you're certainly passionate enough to conquer any of your demons. And, one last note about the Nemean Lion: Only its own claws are able to penetrate its skin. No one can hold you back from achieving your dreams except for you, and October will be a great month for pushing forward.