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Beyoncé Ends Music

Beyoncè performs "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles" at the 2017 Grammys.

Tonight Beyoncé ended music. For every artist with dreams of risking it all and skipping out of an ordinary life to enjoy the thrill of being a musical artist: don't.  Nothing you do will ever surpass what happened at tonight's Grammys. After being introduced by her mother Tina Lawson, Queen Bey appeared on stage, rocking a crown, draped in lavish canary fabrics that waved behind her as her baby bump flourished. She was sometimes one person, with two other people in her body. At others, she multiplied into 12 people, meaning that she had 24 people inside of her total. In short, she is the human being in supreme form.


She started her performance with Lemonade's "Love Drought" and defied gravity by leaning back in a chair, inches away from the floor.  Background singers surrounded her, then bowed to her as it ended. For "Sandcastles," she sat in her throne, surrounded by women laying on a bed of flowers. Watch the performance below, and see her acceptance speech for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

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