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Chef's Night Out: Khe-Yo

Get ready to scarf pizza, eat banana ketchup ribs with your hands, and down whiskey shots. Khe-Yo's Phet Schwader takes us for a night out in Manhattan with his best buds.

Phet Schwader—owner and executive chef of NYC's only Laotian restaurant, Khe-Yo—takes us for a night out in Manhattan with his closest friends.

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After meeting up with partners Marc Forgione and Nick Bradley and friend Cassie Pallas at Khe-Yo in TriBeCa, the crew heads over to the East Village to hit up Motorino for some pizza. After downing two pies and some beers, it was then just a jaunt around the corner to Filipino gastropub Jeepney. The Kamayan feast there is something to behold, with banana ketchup ribs, fried snapper, pork shoulder, and mussels all served on a bed of rice—and eaten with your hands only.

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Following the massive feast, the gang heads back to TriBeCa to grab some PBRs and whiskey shots at their local bar Reade Street Pub & Kitchen. Upon arrival back at Khe-Yo, Phet goes back into the kitchen to whip up some crispy pork face and Dungeness crab in black-bean garlic sauce—another feast to behold on this awesome Chef's Night Out.

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