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Sevdaliza Put Together a Music Video Entirely From Shutterstock Footage

You can actually buy each frame of the singer’s new music video.
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In her last two EPs released in 2015, the Iranian-born singer songwriter Sevdaliza, known for her artistic, conceptual music videos, explored questions of identity and cultural classification. In her latest music video, "Amandine Insensible," Sevdaliza delves further into conceptions of identity by standing in as a model for a series of stock video clips sold on Shutterstock.

Shutterstock sells short, royalty-free video snippets of just about everything. The site’s categories, ranging from Animals/Wildlife to Business/Finance, are filled with video files less than a minute long that each exhibit an action or a scene representative of their ascribed subject matter. In "Amandine Insensible," directed by Piet Langeveld, Sevdaliza acts as a stand-in for a number of real Shutterstock videos that are actually available for purchase. Within the four-minute video the singer is depicted as a number of characters including a Professional Woman Call Center Operator, a Glamourous Woman In Red Silk Night Garment, and a Confident Ethnic Woman Leather Suit Umbrella. Sevdaliza is engaged in a series of activities that she describes in an interview with NPR as, “an extreme extraction of average life, representing a world where we have become so universal all feelings have disappeared.”


Watch "Amandine Insensible" below:

You can learn more work about the work of director Paul Langeveld on his website, and be sure to check out Sevdaliza on SoundCloud and Instagram.


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