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The MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon, Part 2: Keeping Portland Weird

The second episode of the MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon explores odd local attractions such as bone marrow ice cream, zoobombing, and feeding vegan egg rolls to strippers.

In the second installment of the MUNCHIES Guide to Oregon, Gabi delves into the weirdest foods and pastimes of a city that celebrates its eccentricities. She prepares bone marrow and cherry-flavored ice cream with Salt & Straw's Tyler Malek, and partakes in the local tradition of "zoobombing"—tearing down the streets of Portland on a tandem bicycle—before chowing down on plates of greasy diner goodness. But the strangest moment of this episode might be the incident where we feed vegan egg rolls to a stripper, mid-lap-dance, at the world's first vegan strip club, Casa Diablo.

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