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You Can Now Buy That Mask From Hacker Show ‘Mr. Robot’

Just in time for Halloween.

Are you a fan of the sensational hacking show Mr. Robot and have no idea what to wear this Halloween?

Well, we have got some good news for you. Someone has recreated the now iconic mask used by the show's Anonymous-like hacking collective, fsociety, and is selling it online for just $15.

"We couldn't find the fsociety mask from Mr Robot anywhere online so we pulled a money-hungry move and set up shop," the anonymous sellers write on the site. "A necessary evil for the greater good. Celebrate the downfall of Evil Corp this Halloween!"

If you want more than one mask because you want to recreate (spoiler alert) the scene from the final episode, where hundreds of people with fsociety masks gather in Times Square in V for Vendetta fashion, you can also buy packs of two or five masks. The creators also promise to donate one percent of the profits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights organization that often defends hackers and security researchers.

The creators promise that the orders will get in before Halloween, even though they expect to ship orders on Oct. 20, but they also warn of "limited supply."

If you want to go all out and dress up like the character that appears in the fsociety videos, the website Carbon Costume has put together a handy guide on exactly what you need for that, too.