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Watch Andras and Oscar's Fantastic, One-Shot Music Video for "Looking Back"

Featuring petting animals, romance, wine and motorcycles.
September 29, 2014, 6:23pm

When Melbourne artists and friends




used to live in a warehouse in North Melbourne, they'd often work on their music late into the night. Later they'd cross the road to the 24 hour

Embassy Cafe

for a break. It was the start of their musical collaborations, and the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

Embassy Cafe

, the album, is a document of those days. Times change, Andras and Oscar moved, and their new local, late night haunt was

Cafe Romantica

. The music and coffee continued to flow, and their forthcoming album

Cafe Romantica

is the next stage of their evolving story. Appropriate then that it's released on Melbourne institution

Chapter Music

, a label whose

artist roster

covers a spectrum of the history, present, and future of the local music scene, crossing all genres. The new album is filled with modern dance, vintage house, and inimitable funk. An instant classic, it's set for release later this month. Meanwhile THUMP is pleased to share the one-shot video for "Looking Back" above.

Andras was kind to send us some behind-the-scenes insights: "The film-clip is a direct homage to one of my favourite Australian bands, The Reels, and their incredible clip for I Don't Love You Anymore. We were trying to mesh that reference with the classic ad for the RSPCA All Things Great & Small where cute animals walk along against a white backdrop... I was trying to reference a bunch of my favourite things about the real life Cafe Romantica: mozarella-cheesy Italian-ness, petting animals, romance, wine and motorcycles. And that weird black thing in the background? That's Lady Victoria, an exquisite corpse of three things essential to understanding the record: a woman's legs representing romance, a torso in the shape of Victoria, and a key as a head representing intimacy and private emotions."

Watch the video for Looking Back here, and look out for the Cafe Romantica LP via Chapter Music / Dopeness Galore in October.

Andras is Looking Forward to dates in UK/Europe:
9-26 Istanbul, Turkey @ Mini Muzikhol (w/ Baris K.)
9-27 Athens, Greece
10-2 Cologne, Germany @ Roxy
10-3 Hamburg, Germany @ Golem (w/ Basso)
10-4 Berlin, Germany @ About Blank
10-10 London, UK @ Dance Tunnel
10-11 Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen
10-17 Stockholm, Sweden @ Under Bron
10-18 Zurich, Switzerland @ Kasheme