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Chain of Flowers Have Blessed Us with This Beautiful Live EP

Funeral Party are releasing Chain of Flowers' ‘Part Time Punks Session’ on limited edition cassette this Friday, but here's a first listen.

Psssht… who has time to attend gigs? Some of us have jobs to do, am I right? Life isn't just one long party, you know. Also, we have the internet now, which means we can just watch live shows on YouTube, or listen to them on Soundcloud, without having to elbow our way to the front of a crowd of other smelly humans, swilling from a plastic cup of warm, not-fizzy beer, engaging in what I can only describe as a hearing loss disaster waiting to happen.


To that end, if you love Chain of Flowers (and who wouldn't? In the word's of Noisey dot com's Emma Garland, they thread "together the starry-eyed goth pop of The Cure, the crushing existentialism of The Birthday Party, and more riffs than The Stone Roses' cutting room floor") then you will appreciate the fact that they are releasing a live EP of their Part Time Punks Session on Funeral Party, so you can hear how sick they sound live without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. The live session will be released on limited edition cassette tape this Friday, but ahead of that, we are premiering it below.

If you actually do like gigs, though, Chain of Flowers' US tour dates can be found below:

Friday March 3 @ Sunnyvale in Brooklyn
Saturday March 4 @ Lilypad in Cambridge MA
Sunday March 5 @ Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia(w/Kane Strang)
Monday March 6 @ DC9 in Washington DC (w/Kane Strang)
Wednesday March 8 @ The EARL in Atlanta
Thursday March 9 @ SAVANNAH STOPOVER in Savannah GA (w/JEFF The Brotherhood and Daddy Issues)
Friday March 10 @ Paper Crane in Saint Petersburg FL (w/Merchandise)
Saturday March 11 @ The Wilbury in Tallahassee FL (w/Merchandise)
Sunday March 12 @ Siberia in New Orleans (w/Merchandise)
Tuesday March 14 @ Walter's Downtown (w/Merchandise)
Wednesday March 15 - Saturday March 18 @ SXSW in Austin TX
Sunday March 19 @ NOT SO FUN WKND in Dallas 
Tuesday March 21 @ Lost Lake in Denver (w/Kane Strang)
Wednesday March 22 @ Kilby Court (w/Kane Strang)
Thursday March 23 @ TREEFORT MUSIC FESTIVAL in Boise 
Friday March 24 @ Holland Project in Reno
Saturday March 25 @ Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco (w/OMNI)
Sunday March 26 @ The Echoplex in Los Angeles (w/Soft Kill)

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