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Todd Terry Takes on Clean Bandit's 'Come Over Feat. Stylo G'

The house veteran remixes the Bandit's new dancehall ballad.

Well this is quite the big validation for the new Brit house set, isn't it? I mean, if you've got Todd bloody Terry remixing your tracks then you must be doing something right. What an endorsement for Cambridge chamber-house quartet Clean Bandit.

Terry's a tough son of a bitch when he wants to be. Like, he'll get that sleazy jack kick all over your nice indie track without hesitation. However the onetime Everything But The Girl remixer also knows when to try a little tenderness, if that's what the song demands. His subtle refix of the Bandit's dancehall-infused new single does little more than lower the bass region, add a little deep synth, and anchor the track on a delicately rounded kick, but it's exactly the adjustment needed to make the original really leap off the speakers.


Buy 'Come Over Feat. Stylo G' and its bevvy of remixes here

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