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DMC Champs Shiftee and Enferno Call Out Sucker DJs

Their "When Will the Bass Drop" spoof is also basically just an excuse to wear a wig and get frisky and then throw down.

By this point in the game, most of us have seen "When Will the Bass Drop?," the SNL skit that lampoons the press-playism and drop jockeying of certain sectors of our culture. But prepare for an inception moment, because DMC champs and scrtatch-masters Shiftee and Enferno just got meta: They've spoofed a spoof. That's some next level shit. Peep the video and read their take on it below:

Shiftee: "First off, I own a lot of wigs, so I look for any opportunity to feature them. Secondly, I thought the original SNL Bass Drop sketch was hilarious, because it's really so close to how things really are these days. I was explaining it to my friends, "this is what people actually do!" Enferno and I, both in our own right, sort of do the opposite of this, the opposite of "push play" DJing. Our sets are dangerous. Things can go wrong, and we really both try to create an accessible & musical live show that anyone can enjoy. So, our new video is truly our version of "When Will The Bass Drop." It shows how we would approach the same situation. We'd take the sounds and then do a crazy routine with them. That's what we do. Also, I've been hitting the gym all year, so I was also looking for an excuse to take my shirt off on camera."

Enferno: "I've known Shiftee for a number of years and followed his live performance stuff, which has always been next level. Dirty South Joe made the simple suggestion to my manager, "you know who should collab? Enferno and Shiftee." Immediately I thought it was a great idea. Here's a guy who rivals my level of nerd-com when it comes to mastering technology and putting together a killer live show. What was unexpected was the chemistry we'd find in the studio as we started cranking out dope track after dope track. The musical bromance was real. So as this project evolved, we've created this four-dimension musical machine…making dope music, performing it live like a band, rocking a party like real DJ's, and keeping it sexy."

Beatmatch swag. Chill.