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Disgraced Journalist Arrested for Allegedly Making Anti-Semitic Threats to Harass Ex

Former Intercept reporter Juan Thompson is charged with making at least eight bomb threats against Jewish institutions, piggybacking on a wave of anti-Semitic violence since Trump's victory.
Sipa USA via AP

A St. Louis man and former journalist has been charged with making a series of bomb threats against Jewish sites around the country, the New York Times reports.

According to the FBI's criminal complaint, the suspect, Juan Thompson, allegedly made at least eight threats against Jewish centers as part of a campaign to "harass and intimidate" an ex-girlfriend. He's accused of phoning in bomb threats to the national Anti-Defamation League headquarters in New York City last week, as well as Jewish centers in Dallas and San Diego.

The complaint claims he also inexplicably made some threats in his own name, in an attempt to show his ex was actually trying to smear him. Thompson—who is apparently the same "Juan Thompson" who was fired from his journalism job for fabricating stories—has also been charged with stalking.

There has been an alarming spike in anti-Semitic hate crimes this year, including vandalism at multiple Jewish cemeteries and at least five waves of bomb threats made to Jewish schools and community centers across 30 states. Though Thompson was allegedly behind at least half a dozen threats to Jewish Community Centers and other institutions, law enforcement sources consider him merely a "copycat."  Which is to say not even close to all of this year's threats can be blamed on a bitter ex's bizarre (alleged) cyber harassment campaign.

Self-proclaimed "least anti-Semitic person" Donald Trump addressed the rise in Jewish hate crimes last week, saying, "Anti-Semitism is horrible, and it's going to stop and it has to stop."