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Building the Monstrous Cars of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' with Legos

What a day! WHAT A LEGO DAY!
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Tom Hardy may have technically been the star of Mad Max: Fury Road, but the magnificently over-the-top, pimped-out trucks, motorcycles, and tank/car hybrids conceived by production designer Colin Gibson stole the show, earning the kind of Internet devotion that can only truly be demonstrated with a suite of scale-model Lego remixes. Redditor GallowBoob is the hero who has brought such monstrous creations as the spike-encrusted War Rig, Immortan Joe's pumped-up Caddy, the Gigahorse, the car Max gets rigged onto the front of, and even the crowd-favorite Earsplitter / Doof Wagon, captioning the series, "What a day! WHAT A LEGO DAY!"


Part of what makes these vehicles so enchanting is how they catapult over the already high bar set by the original Mad Max trilogy. We were used to guns mounted on trucks, but George Miller's choice to take bigger trucks and cover them in spikes, turrets, and flamethrowers—all created with practical effects—is awe inspiring. Get a good look at the brickified Fury Road models in all their glory, below:

Princess / The War Rig

The Gigahorse

Earsplitter / Doof Wagon


See more Lego creations on Flickr.

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