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Watch a Minimalist Ballet Between Colorful Spinning Coins

Universal Everything does minimalism right.
December 12, 2015, 12:48pm
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Spinning coins is one of those passtimes that's strangely addictive—then all of a sudden becomes pointless after a few minutes. Universal Everything, the Matt Pyke-led creative group known for digitally-rendered spectacle, does away with that second part in a new short called Life Cycle. Their previous work ranges from projection mapping the Sydney Opera House to making an app with Radiohead and reinventing the walking man animation, but the new video embraces minimalism, starring colorful transluscent discs spinning in slow motion in front of a white background.


"The film tells a story of a life cycle—from a single being searching, then meeting another," reads the video's description. "They continue on a journey together, their family grows, then leaves. The pair of them remaining, spinning. The life of one being begins to slow, its balance lost, before settling into peace." Colorful shadows reach far beyond their caster's physicall self, overlapping and intermingling with the other "dancers," first in the duality of red and blue, but growing into a rainbow of shifting light. Watch the whole performance in the video below.

See more of Universal Everything's work on their website and in our coverage below.


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